Loves as of Late

Loves as of Late- February Edition


What is up with the common cold this year?  It has swooped in with a vengeance  and wreaked havoc on everyone. Rude.  Since November, at least one person from every household we associate with is either sick, getting sick, or getting over being sick. I know I am not alone here.  It seems to have affected everyone this winter.  I have also had the opportunity to learn first hand that it’s just one big vicious cycle when you have kids.  They put the same toys in their mouths, drink from the same cups, and touch all the same door handles.  Not to mention wipe their snotty faces on the same couches…just my kid? This also applies to children who spends time at other kids’ houses.  They just keep giving it back to one another, or me… a rather inconvenient time to finally start sharing.  If your family is perfect and has somehow managed to escape snot covered faces and couches do yourself a favor.  Before you do anything else today, drown your house in Lysol just in case.  Now that I’ve painted a pretty picture in your head of what our home has looked like this week let’s focus on the positive.

Loves as of Late posts are a random collaboration of items, ideas, activities, or foods (like I would ever leave that out) that add value to my marriage, family, home, or me personally. In other words I am sharing some of the things we can’t get through this life without.  I am always so interested to know what works in other homes and love getting new ideas from the wives and mothers I associate with.  We are all bettered when we have an opportunity to learn and grow from each other right? Maybe you and your family will be inspired and uplifted by what we love around here lately.

Loves as of Late from Home Well Managed-February 2017 edition. Items, ideas, activities, and food that add value to our home.
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Suck out all those baby boogies with a Nose Frida

This goes along with my winter sickness vent.  This disgusting, yet wonderful,  little invention is essentially a snot (I’m sure using that word a lot today) vacuum.  The vacuum, being your mouth.  I know I know, I freaked when a friend gave this to me at my baby shower.  But this is how she explained herself once I opened it.  “SUPER gross I know but I promise you’ll learn to love it.  It saves lives.” And she was right.

No I do not get boogers in my mouth, they don’t even make it halfway up the opening.  Once you get past the initial discomfort from sucking boogers with your mouth this contraption is a God send.  The little sucky blue bulbs (their official name I’m sure) they give you at the hospital are more gross if you ask me.  You have no way of knowing if you got the inside of that thing clean, and there isn’t enough suction to really get out the thick stuff.  Have I made you want to throw up yet?  Also, with Nose Frida you can take it apart piece by piece to wash it out every time.  I buy one for all of my baby having friends because it is a must have in my house.  You can buy one here.

Loves as of Late from Home Well Managed-February 2017 edition. Items, ideas, activities, and food that add value to our home.
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Candida killing cookies are also just yummy cookies

These were a healthy snack recipe I used while on my candida cleanse and they saved me.  I made them four different times in two weeks.  In my defense, the recipe makes a small batch.  These are super simple and are filled with healthy gut friendly ingredients.  I whipped some up just the other night for a friend who is cleansing as well.  Never heard of a candida cleanse or interested in a good gut detox and cleanse?  Check out my 14 Day Meal Plan and Guide for a Gut Healing Cleanse and Detox.

One lesson I may or may not have learned the hard way is to make sure the batter resembles a soft cookie dough instead of having a cinnamon frosting appearance.  Put frosting consistency cookies in the oven and 8 minutes later you’ll be blessed with smoke from all the cookie dough melting off the pan and onto the hot bottom coils. Yum…    These little cookies are not just a cleanse friendly snack, they have become a guilt free goodie when my sweet tooth comes calling.  Grab the recipe from Natural Sweet Recipes here.

Loves as of Late from Home Well Managed-February 2017 edition. Items, ideas, activities, and food that add value to our home.

Who needs sleep…watch Jericho

Are you looking for your next binge worthy Netflix series?  I found it!  Well technically my husband did but whatever…we are both obsessed.  It’s set in a small Kansas town in the middle of nowhere.  Multiple atomic bombs have been dropped on all the major cities in the US. The town is isolated enough to stay undercover from the rioting and looting.  Obviously like all good shows, the main character is a brooding bad boy turned good who comes home after years away from home and saves the day pretty much every day.  And of course his one true love still lives there but is engaged to someone else who might be dead.  Drama!

It’s just cheesy enough to love, yet realistic enough to ask yourself what you would do if the end of America happened tomorrow and… then ask your husband if you have enough food storage.  Downside- there are only two seasons so we only allow ourselves to watch it a couple times a week to try and make it last.

Loves as of Late from Home Well Managed-February 2017 edition. Items, ideas, activities, and food that add value to our home.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Please do not confuse my love of putting apple cider vinegar in my hair with my hatred for drinking it.  It is no secret that this is the worst tasting liquid I have ever purposefully swallowed (don’t read too much into that.)   As I was researching the benefits of apple cider vinegar during my cleanse planning I stumbled across quite a few other articles that gushed about the hair and beauty benefits of this magic liquid.  A few websites suggested a equal parts vinegar and equal parts water rinse for your hair.  I struggle with thin hair so I am always looking for methods to make it healthier.  The vinegar supposedly strips the product residue from your hair, kind of like a cleansing shampoo on steroids.

It totally works!  I do it once a week now and my hair is always unbelievably silky smooth afterwards and stays that way for a couple of days.   I just pour a few tablespoons into a cup and take it into the shower with me.  After my initial shampooing I fill my cup with some water, close my eyes, and pour it over my hair starting at the roots.  I let it sit for a minute or so and then rinse it out.  My hair cutting friend said to be sure to also do a deep conditioning treatment or something to moisturize your hair afterwards.  The apple cider vinegar strips EVERYTHING.

Major disclaimer- Your hair WILL absolutely smell like apple cider vinegar that entire day so I don’t suggest doing this on a day you might be in close contact with others.  Kids and husbands don’t count, they can deal.   Also don’t let me discourage you from putting apple cider vinegar in your water.  The terrible tasting vinegar really is SO good for your metabolism and gut.  And as much as I complain I still do it every other day.  Worthwhile things are never easy right?

Loves as of Late from Home Well Managed-February 2017 edition. Items, ideas, activities, and food that add value to our home.
Photo Credit – Artful Homemaking

7 Habits of the Highly Effective Homemaker

This article rocked my socks off.  You know that feeling when you read a blog article someone else wrote and think, she just gets me?  Artful Homemaking hit the nail on the head with this one.  She just speaks my language.  I am a HUGE fan of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People book and so it was the title that first reeled me in,  but I stayed for the content.

I  am always in search of better methods and tricks for home management. Something I struggle with as a home manager is consistently keeping a tidy home.    I’m a bad tidy upper.  There I said it.   I know I am not alone here, and house is not dirty I sanitize and CLEAN it regularly.  But to put it lovingly, my home always looks lived in.  REALLY lived in by the time the husband walks through the font door because tearing the kitchen apart making dinner while our 16 month old has pulled every toy out of the box and every shoe out of our closet.   This helpful post mentions  getting rid of clutter makes all the difference and I’ve been doing my best to adhere to this advice.  Baby steps.

She begins by posing the question, “What is it that makes some homemakers highly effective at creating a home atmosphere that draws their family and friends to them?”  This is what is most important to me.  I want my children to WANT to be home and to be together as a family and I know that an organized and well managed home is a big part of making that a reality.  She goes on to mention routines, goal setting, and other qualities and habits that she recognizes in effective homemakers. She also hits on meal planning so duh I love her.  Hopefully this blog post is as inspirational for you as it was for me.

What are you and your family loving right now?  Comment and share below!



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    1. Eventually Lauren I will post about Candida and how it affects my life personally but if you’re looking for general info about it or a brief explanation you can check out my candida cleanse post:) Thanks so much for your feedback.


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