Meal Plans

Meal Plans September #1

  Hi Friends!  I have something exciting to share that could revolutionize how you cook and prepare meals for your family and save you $$$$$$$…interested?  There is a blogger I follow pretty religiously.  Her name is Jordan Page and I adore her personality.  Her website is Fun Cheap or Free and she focuses on frugal…… Continue reading Meal Plans September #1

Meal Plans

Meal Plans August 2

You know that feeling when things FINALLY start to fall together but lately you have become accustomed to them falling apart so you hold your breath waiting for the sky to fall instead of celebrating your wins?  Yes that one.  That’s me.   Logically I am quite aware I can exhale.  We will have a…… Continue reading Meal Plans August 2

Meal Plans

Meal Plans August #1

Hello friend! It has been a while.  It has been a while since I have written a post or posted anything on social media.  It has been a while since I have searched for new GF/PCOS diet friendly recipes or wanted to bake anything at all for that matter.  It has been a while since…… Continue reading Meal Plans August #1

Meal Plans

Meal Plans June #1

Some days are just are not great.  It’s okay to admit it.  Obviously our attitude holds weight in the impact these days have on us, but sometimes things just don’t go right because that’s the way it is. My bad day probably doesn’t look as devastating to you. Today is National Donut Day.  Krispy Kreme…… Continue reading Meal Plans June #1


Anytime Granola

I have decided it is time to post something besides Meal Plans.   I am getting a bit more brave in the blogging world so here I am spreading my wings a little more.  I feel I should insert a disclaimer that I am nowhere near a food photographer but I promise what I make tastes…… Continue reading Anytime Granola

Meal Plans

Meal Plans May 2

Did you know May is considered National Meditation Month?  I am disappointed I did not discover this sooner.  I would have made a greater effort to celebrate it!   In all truth though, it was a reminder that I should be taking more time to be still and let my thoughts run their course…I’m sure…… Continue reading Meal Plans May 2

Meal Plans

Meal Plans Cinco de Mayo Edition

I love any excuse to make, eat, or buy Mexican food.  I blame it on my in-laws.  My husband’s family eats chips and salsa like it’s their job. A tradition I am proud to say I  take part in.  Some of my favorite conversations in that house take place around the kitchen island while we…… Continue reading Meal Plans Cinco de Mayo Edition