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A No Stress Easter Week Countdown

There’s enough Easter tradition blog posts to send my holiday obsessed self into a tailspin, but these days after baby #2 I am aiming to simplify life a bit.  Hopefully you will find these activities and traditions are simple to plan but intentional in purpose, which is to remember the sacrifice our Savior made for…… Continue reading A No Stress Easter Week Countdown

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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Littles

I am all about holidays at our house.  I blame my mom, our home was always decorated to the hilt to celebrate whatever holiday it happened to be.  For example, during Halloween there were little wicker witches on brooms attached to each of our ceiling fan blades.  It was awesome.  I also happen to remember…… Continue reading Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Littles

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January Meal Plans #1

Between my birthday and Christmas I was gifted three new cookbooks.  I am still over the moon about it.  When I get a new cookbook, I sit down and read it through page by page like a novel.  I just love new recipes.  The authors usually include pages and discuss topics in front or in…… Continue reading January Meal Plans #1

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Christmas Dinner Meal Plans

Things are getting out of control over here!  We are going against tradition this year and trying some new dishes for our Christmas Dinner.  Because we are having ham with some friends on Christmas Eve we decided to have ribs instead.  I was already planning on shelling out all the money for a yummy ham…… Continue reading Christmas Dinner Meal Plans

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Thanksgiving Meal and Holiday Plan

Because I run a blog that, for the time being, is mostly about food I decided this year a holiday where massive amounts of food is prepared and consumed, deserves its very own post.  Aside from providing very specific meal plans for this glorious holiday, I have also included traditions, my own detailed timeline to…… Continue reading Thanksgiving Meal and Holiday Plan

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Meal Plans October #2

Halloween is coming and this is the first year our child is old enough to know what all the hype is about.  He caught on rather quickly seeming as how he has yet to put down the pumpkin candy bucket he’s been toting around since we bought it.  The kid is is OBSESSED with all…… Continue reading Meal Plans October #2