Meal Plans

April Meal Plan 2

If you have ever wandered over to my Start Here page (if not then I would love it if you would) then you would be well educated on my love for donuts.  I am not particular.  I love them fried or baked, frosted, or sugared, filled or plain.  Obviously these days donuts have not been…… Continue reading April Meal Plan 2

Meal Plans

April Meal Plan – Easter Edition

If you know me you know I love holidays.  And I mean ALL holidays, I don’t discriminate folks.  I blame my mother.  We just love an excuse to celebrate I suppose!  Every holiday our house was decorated to celebrate whatever holiday happened to fall on that month.  I can still remember swiping the gold chocolate…… Continue reading April Meal Plan – Easter Edition

Meal Plans

March Meal Plan 3

Who is this smart, accomplished, and very relieved person?  The man pictured above is my husband who just graduated from a 14 month sales training program with his company.  To say that I am a proud wife would be an understatement.  A little over a year ago he took a leap and moved his family…… Continue reading March Meal Plan 3

Meal Plans

March Meal Plan 2 – St. Patty’s Day Edition

I was blessed with a big mom win this week.  Bennett, our 16 month old is quickly gaining a vocabulary.  He is saying new words every day and it is both exciting and hilarious to hear him attempt to repeat words for the first time.  One we have been working on for quite a while…… Continue reading March Meal Plan 2 – St. Patty’s Day Edition

Meal Plans

Meal Plans February 24 – March 9

Three times a week I go into local after school programs and teach an hour long STEM or character building class to elementary or junior high age children.  It’s just enough time to get me out of the house and give me an opportunity to utilize all the curriculum I’ve written or hoarded over the…… Continue reading Meal Plans February 24 – March 9

Loves as of Late

Loves as of Late- February Edition

Did you just find your kid playing in the toilet for the third time today (yes, I did) and could use some uplift?  Are you looking for some ways to change it up with your daily schedule or system? Welcome to the first edition of my Loves as of Late series. These specific posts are […]

Meal Plans

Meal Plans February 10 – February 23

Remember that three hour time zone change I was telling you about two weeks ago?  I’m living it.  The baby would not give up until 12:30 am last night.  He was in  I-just- spent -four- hours -on- a -plane -and -another- two-hours-in-a -car- and- I -want -to- run –if- all – off- and- pull -everything […]